I thought I was in good shape but a single session with Alex transformed my ease of performance and so improved my ability to ski, cycle and play football...
Kevin, Beconsfield


Neck Pain When Cycling

The incidence of neck pain/discomfort when cycling is on the rise.  The postural effect is pretty much the same as sitting in a chair at your office desk. In physical therapy we call it a Car Crash @ 0mph – the effects of which can be enormous. So what can we do to combat it? Click through to read more!

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Tension Headaches – What Are They? How Do I Manage Them?

Headaches come in different forms and can present in numerous ways. Headaches can be a result of trauma, compression, high altitude and migraines. This mini blog is more focussed on the ‘tension headache’. Click for more!

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Foam Rolling – Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts

We recently ran a foam-rolling workshop to discuss the potential benefits and to display the instantaneous changes we can gain in range of motion from shorts bouts of foam rolling! Find out the top tips from that workshop by clicking through!

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How does Sports Massage affect Running?

How exactly does massage affect your body during running and sport generally? Click through to read more!

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My Journey into Triathlon – By Ambassador James Phillips

Really there’s only one person to blame for introducing me to triathlon and for everything that’s come since!.. want to find out more? Click through!

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