I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead



Don’t let this pain in your foot get in the way of your training.  The following article is not just to rid yourself of plantarfascial pain BUT PREvent it.

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Audio – Strength Training Lecture (October 2015)

An audio extract from Strength training seminar October 2015

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The SA Psychology Guide to Christmas

Getting through Christmas can be a little challenging at times.  Read this handy guide to staying on the wagon this Christmas

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Top Tips for Festive Eating!

Do you tend to overeat and drink over the Christmas period and put on unwanted weight? Click here for top tips to staying healthy this Christmas!

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Clinical Pilates – Could it Save Your Back

The differences and benefits of Clinical Pilates are huge.  Having problems with your back, posture or activity read on….

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