A very valuable assessment, which I will follow up. I feel more confident about increasing my cycling mileage after making the recommended changes.
Sam, Maidenhead


Running Event Preparation

With January over, the runners amongst us are busily preparing for their own event (Reading Half Marathon, London Marathon, even your local Park Run!……)  And we must not forget the huge number of triathletes that as well as running, have the joy of adding a swim and bike into the training plan. All of us that compete though have the same goal……. to finish.

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2019 Wellness & Fitness Trends

Click through to read some of the top trends we’ve spotted for the year ahead!!

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Avoiding Injury This New Year!

The year has just begun and we’ve definitely all indulged over the festive break! Now that we’re in the new year we all have big ideas about increasing our running, gym, swimming, yoga etc in order to be a ‘better and fitter you’. However this can often lead to going too hard, too fast and getting injured! But how do we avoid getting injured? Click through for more!

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New Year MOT! Why you should be having a movement and mobility check in 2019!

Why is it important to have a full MOT of your movement?? Click through to find out why!!

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What to Add to Your New Years Resolutions

From an injury and pain perspective, there are lots of things we can all look at adding to our lifestyle in order to maintain our body and energy levels. Here are 4 things to add to your general routine as part of your new years resolutions… click to read more!

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