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Cheryl, Maidenhead


What is the role of physical activity in weight loss?

As Dr Paul Batman’s closing statement in this article reads, “We can’t underestimate the importance of lifestyle physical activity in the weight loss journey” – but why is it so important? Click through to read more!

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Interval Running: What to Remember!

There’s a common misconception in runners that ‘the more miles you do, the better runner you become’.  It’s a trap we see people fall into time after time, where training stagnates and becomes a one-dimensional, one pace, slog… click through to read on!

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Openwater Swimming – Release before you Suit Up

Temperature have finally risen and we can hear the familiar splash of the near by lakes as we’re well into open water season – but are you preparing your body well for your swimming? Read through Alex’s article and have a watch of the accompanying video! Click through for more!

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Tennis Injuries – Don’t Just Treat The Symptom!

Summer is coming and so is the French Open! As a result we have decided to write a mini blog post discussing tennis injuries, where they tend to occur and potential reasons for them. Click through to read more!

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The benefits of walking and biomechanical analysis!

Did you know May is National Walking Month? Well if you didn’t, you do now! This mini blog is designed to quickly raise awareness of the potential health benefits of walking, some potential injury related topics and whether you should get a walking analysis. Click through to read more!

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