I thought I was in good shape but a single session with Alex transformed my ease of performance and so improved my ability to ski, cycle and play football...
Kevin, Beconsfield


I’m a runner, why should I include strength and conditioning in my training?

Strength and conditioning is a super important tool to any runner’s toolbox and is often under-utilised, but why is it so crucial? Click through to read more!

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Why you should have your running gait analysed at the beginning of your training journey

Ever considered getting your running gait analysed but unsure when in your training cycle you should do it? Read physio Andrea’s reasons why you should be doing it at the very beginning! Click through for more.

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Improve your “Bouncebackability”!

So what works and what doesn’t? There’s so much out there, how do we pick what works for sport recovery and what doesn’t? We asked Sports Rehabilitation Specialist Arran to review some of the most talked about methods and give his opinions! Click through to read more…

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Injury Analysis: Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy (Medial Ankle pain)

It’s a common running injury but what actually is Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy and how do we combat it?

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Avoiding the Winter Blues, refining technique and building stamina

Caught in the January training slump? Beat the Winter Blues with this great article from Alex!

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