A very thorough assessment done very professionally. It put my mind at rest – the hard work starts now.
Matt, Maidenhead


Five Tips for Moving and Fighting Sedentary Behaviour!

Sedentary behaviour is becoming a large problem in the UK and beyond, but how can we combat the negative effects? Click through to read more!

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How can Parents help Prevent children’s sports injuries?

As our children return to school after the holidays, the positive effect of sport participation also brings a risk of injury.  So what are the types of injuries most prevalent, and what can parents do to minimise the risks involved?

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Stay Cycling through the Summer

What a summer it’s been and it’s not over yet! But how do we stay on our bikes right to the end? Check out our top tips for summer cycling here!

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Taping And Sports Injuries

What is that stretchy coloured/patterned tape covering those sportspeople? How does sport tape help? Click through for more information!!

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Getting to the Bottom of Running!

More often than not the glutes aren’t working properly and the driving force comes from the hamstrings and low back, both of which are supposed to be quite small contributors and consequently over time they will become taut in an attempt to try to stabilise this action. Click through to read more about how to solve the problem!

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