Very professional and full of help and knowledge in trying to solve my on going ankle issue. All very friendly bunch of people I will certainly recommend.
Sue, Arborfield


My Journey into Triathlon – By Ambassador James Phillips

Really there’s only one person to blame for introducing me to triathlon and for everything that’s come since!.. want to find out more? Click through!

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The Triathlon Training Camp – the Holy Grail of Peak Performance?

To triathlon camp or not to triathlon camp?? Ambassador Alice explores the whys and why nots in this article! Click through to read more!

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It’s only an ankle sprain, or is it?

Ankle sprains are very common and have been shown to account for 20-40% of all athletic injuries. Despite their commonality they are massively under appreciated. Click through to read more…

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I’m not a runner… or am I?

In December our Operations Manager Freddie followed Tammie’s example and took part in the December Daily Dash! But how did she get on? Click through to read more!

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5 Tips to Maximise Your Pool Swim Training Sessions

It can often be difficult to make the most of your swim training when so much preparation goes into one session! So how can we maximise on our time? Check out this great article by Ben and Rhian Martin on their top tips!

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