I was always in pain, until I found Aoife at the Drummond Clinic. The NHS left me at a dead end, and within weeks I was well on the way to a full recovery.
Paul, Maidenhead


They’re Back to School, We’re Back to Fitness!

With kids having just gone back to school, many of us are left feeling a bit guilty after summer… As things settle back into a routine it provides a great opportunity to include some fitness efforts into that routine. Click through for pointers on your return to physical activity!

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Clinical Pilates – Could it Save Your Back

The differences and benefits of Clinical Pilates are huge.  Having problems with your back, posture or activity read on….

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Podcast 101 – Poor Posture

This week we have Alex Drummond and Arran Nicholson exploring poor movement…

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Are you a Fidget – by Dr Paul Batman

The research now suggests that those of us that are involved in fidgeting like movements at low levels of intensity can expend substantial amounts of energy. Read on to understand more.

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Don’t let this pain in your foot get in the way of your training.  The following article is not just to rid yourself of plantarfascial pain BUT PREvent it.

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