Excellent assessment and passion for both physiotherapy and cycling. Definitely goes the extra mile to help.
James, High Wycombe


Dry Needling! What Is It and When Is It Needed?

Ever seen your physio rifle around and produce little needles to use you like a pin cushion?? It’s most likely for Dry Needling! There are physical benefits we promise! Click through to learn what is it and how it could help you!

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Massage For The Masses

Say Sports Massage and most people will think that it’s for sports people only! But there are benefits for everybody! To learn how sports massage could benefit you click through!

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Can The Recreational Golfer Do More To Enhance Performance And Quality Of Life?

Golf is becoming increasingly popular, with its inclusion in the 2016 Olympic games a marker of this. But can the recreational golfer do more to enhance their golf performance? Could additional conditioning improve their golfing performance and their quality of life? Click through to read more!

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Summer Grades (Muscle not School!)

Unfortunately, muscular injuries are frequent in athletics due to the explosive nature of many of the events. But how do we gain a true reflection of how severe the injury is? Sports Rehabilitator Arran takes us through the key terminology and muscle injury grading in order to have a better understanding of our athletics injuries going forward! Click through to read more!

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The Benefits of Pilates for Sport

Pilates is rapidly becoming popular among the sporting world but why? What are the benefits that it brings to your training? Click through to read more!

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