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Stop the trots – The truth about Runs & Runs by Clinic Ambassador Alice Hector

It happens to the best of us – think Paula Radcliffe circa 2005, the Runner’s trots are real. But how do you manage when it’s happening and how do you avoid it? Check out Pro Triathlete Alice Hector’s advice by clicking through!

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Avoiding Summer Soreness

Summer holiday time is here! But with all of the fun and relaxation it’s still important to look after your body – click through for our top tips to combat summer soreness!

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Don’t Ignore Your Dashboard! Stay Proactive Not Reactive!

Training whether it be for an event or just for yourself is reliant on you maintaining your body – you wouldn’t ignore the signals on your car dashboard would you? So you shouldn’t with your body! Click through to read more!

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“Water You Wading For?” Alice Hector’s 5 Top Swim Tips For Triathlon Domination

Check out these great tips on making the most of the swim during your triathlon from Clinic Ambassador Alice Hector! Click through for more…

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Ben & Rhian Martin’s Top Tips On Racing After Injury

Let’s face it – as we get older, with more training miles clocked up, the threat of injury becomes an ever more realistic prospect…. click through to read more from Clinic Ambassadors Ben and Rhian on their comeback from injury!

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