A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Drummond Clinic.
Jamie, Reading

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Shaftesbury CC 50 Mile TT – Team Competition Record and PB


This weekend I took part in the Shaftesbury 50 mile Time Trial. I’ve never done a ‘fast’ 50-mile course and was interested to see what I could achieve. Six days after the National 100, I was not overly optimistic about my racing form, but as we were racing as full Drag2Zero ladies team, decided there was no absolutely no missing it, rain or shine, I would be there.


Arriving at the HQ, I was stood talking with my team mate Rachael and quickly realised I had left my bladder pack at home, lying on the kitchen counter. In short – I panicked. With no water bottle cage on my bike, and appalling bike handling at the best of times (making an accessible down tube bottle a very bad idea), we decided that I needed to get a replacement from somewhere.

So I quickly registered, and we jumped in the car, heading to a local Halfords to pick up a spare. It was cheap and cheerful, but I hoped it would do the job.


Given the Newmarket race day traffic it took us a while to get out and down to the start, and, having not raced in the area before, I was unfamiliar with where this was, and therefore getting a little agitated at this stage. Poor Rob.

Needless to say, we found it – but it only left time for a 10 minute warm up and a pretty frantic get ready, before I was off.


Sometimes it’s possible to tell in a race how well you are likely to go from the outset – your legs either seem to fire, or they don’t. This felt like a good day for me, and I was able to maintain a good, even power, despite what felt like a block headwind to begin.

I quickly learnt that my new bladder pack simply did not work, and I was only able to get a ‘dribble’ out of it each time I tried. I found out at the end that I’d only managed to take on short of 100ml, which, for a 50 mile event is far from ideal but thankfully it was a mild day, and I was well stocked up with my Secret Training STEALTH gels, which were an absolute saviour.


The first 25 miles seemed to pass really quickly, and that’s not a surprise looking at the splits – I did this in 50 minutes, which would equate to a massive standalone PB.

Returning on the other hand was pretty brutal, with a strong headwind, which meant that things slowed down quite considerably. I just focussed on my position at this stage, I was comfortable pushing the power I was, the real difference for me was going to be getting as small as I could do to limit the ‘damage’, remembering all the tips that Simon (Drag2Zero) had run through with me earlier in the year.

Busy roads, many a close-pass and a roundabout negotiation later and I was on the finish straight, hurting at this point – just giving it everything I had left in the tank.

Upon arriving back at HQ I learnt that my time was 1:45:38, which I was over the moon with – 2nd fastest on the all-time lists, and first place on the day against a competitive bunch of ladies. It was also to be a contributing time to the 50-mile Team Competition Record, as my teammates Alice and Rachael also finished with big PBs.


In summary?

This race for me is proof that you can sometimes defy the odds in this sport.

Still underslept, not very rested and tired from last week’s 100 mile race, without any hydration and major pre-race ‘faffage’ – I still managed to pull one of my best rides of the year out of the bag. I take a lot of confidence from that.

In time trialling it’s very easy to overanalyse things – with a constant focus on being in the best possible shape for the start line, with any ache, pain or niggle being exemplified beyond logic. This race is proof that it’s a bit of pot luck too – sometimes you just don’t know how it’s going to go until you start, and perhaps there is a lot to be said for taking the pressure off yourself a little.


I’m looking forward to a bit of a much-needed break now, before the CTT National 25-mile Championships down in Wales on 5th August 2017.