Alex has given me hope when I thought my Ironman race season wouldn’t happen due to chronic Achilles issues.
Declan, London

DC Ambassador’s Ben + Rhian Smash 10th in Ferocious ÖTILLÖ!

The 75KM 2017 Swim Run World Championships across the archipelago islands in Sweden saw some of the toughest race weather conditions ever seen….

  • Gale force winds (30 knots+)
  • Raging sea – strong currents and huge waves
  • Rip tides (which took some teams out of the race as they could not get back to land)
  • Slippery rocks (we crawled, crabbed & slid)
  • Took 63K before we hit any tarmac – running over rocks, trees, wading thru marshes, mud
  • 30 teams didn’t make it
  • And not to forget it was 65K running, 10K swimming between 26 islands in Sweden, Running in our wetsuits, swimming in our trainers, Tied together

It was a brutal, insane race but what an experience and an opportunity.

We came 10th mixed team and No1 British team – unsurprisingly the Scandinavians dominated and we played it safe on the slippery surfaces so we are very happy with this result (and to even finish safely).

It’s been one hell of a journey – from the disappointment of having to pull out last year to then going to Otillo Germany and being so cold that couldn’t feel arms and legs in 7 degree water but managing to podium, to Hvar’s rough seas and going off course for an hour, to the beautiful Isles of Scilly and back on the podium to this World Championships. And to do it together has been incredible.

A lot of people have helped us over the last year, we might be the ones racing but there is a full support crew behind us and we couldn’t do it without you. Too many to name but in particular thank you Nerys and Nicky.

Huge thank you to for the support from  The Drummond Clinic for looking after our body’s.

Thank you to our kit and energy sponsors – Zone 3  , Torq Energy , Gococo , Precision Hydration

And to Laura for the massages and Cathy for the yoga