A very valuable assessment, which I will follow up. I feel more confident about increasing my cycling mileage after making the recommended changes.
Sam, Maidenhead

Computrainer Session

Why not book a session on our Computrainer, to get instant feedback?

The CompuTrainer is the leading electronic bicycle ergometer for maximum performance improvement, testing, and enjoyable indoor training.

Benefits of the CompuTrainer

    • Increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly.
    • It sets the industry standard for accuracy (± 2.5%), power (1500 watts), quality.
    • Exclusive performance features like SpinScan and electronic pedal stroke analysis.


The session last for an hour and allows you some personal time on your bike.  You may want to do a power test, analyse and work on your technique or lose yourself in cycling stats heaven for an hour

Contact us to make an appointment.

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Using the Computrainer and analysing the data it gives us, is very much a part of our Cycling Assessment. This assessment is a great way to correct those technical errors you may be embedding every time you ride. Why not reinforce your analysis outcome from the Computrainer with this personal session?