I was always in pain, until I found Aoife at the Drummond Clinic. The NHS left me at a dead end, and within weeks I was well on the way to a full recovery.
Paul, Maidenhead

Run 3D Gait Assessment


As the flagship clinic for Run 3D, we are excited to add 3D gait analysis to our range of services.

3D gait analysis is the most accurate assessment of running motion using a scientific approach to capture reliable and measureable information. Using infrared cameras to track positions of small reflective markers, we are able to precisely calculate joint angles to provide unparalleled insight into an individual’s running stride. The results are compared to a database of uninjured controls to quantify an individual’s injury risk, assess biomechanical efficiency and performance, recommend appropriate footwear and much more.

Here at the Drummond Clinic we offer two packages:


This service is our baseline 3D gait analysis and includes a medical history of injuries, activity levels, and training goals. This is followed by an objective 3D gait analysis of you walking/running on a treadmill using infrared cameras and state of the art technology to accurately identify your movement patterns.

Who is it for? 

Anyone who can run on a treadmill.  Both new and elite runners are often interested in this assessment as it allows for more detailed information to add to their training programmes and reduce re occurring niggles.

What do I get? 

A detailed report of your running gait highlighting biomechanical issues, movement asymmetries and performance indicators. In addition to this we may recommend running technique and performance advice, further treatment recommendations including rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

What does it cost? 

From £165 for a 1 hr appointment


What is it?

Run3D’s Gold gait analysis package is inclusive of everything in the silver, including a detailed medical history and 3D gait analysis assessment. In addition to this, it includes an objective musculoskeletal assessment of your strength, flexibility, and functional ability. The results of your analysis will be used to provide you with evidence based recommendations, which may include physiotherapy, exercises, podiatry, further treatment, including gait retraining etc.

Who is it for?

Anyone who can run on a treadmill. This service is usually opted for those who want more information or who have had injuries for long periods of time.

What do I get?

A detailed report of your analysis results of your running gait, musculoskeletal function, and performance indicators. Advice and recommendations on areas as appropriate such as; rehabilitation programme, running technique, performance advice, gait retraining programme, and treatment recommendations.

What does it cost?
£295 for a 2 hour appointment


For more information or to book, call us on 01628639532 or click here to send us a message.