Excellent assessment and passion for both physiotherapy and cycling. Definitely goes the extra mile to help.
James, High Wycombe


Who for?…………….. EVERYONE

Education is very high on our list of priorities. We believe that knowledge is power and by sharing our knowledge we empower those we meet to take responsibility for their health, fitness and performance. As such we host lectures, seminars and practical sessions on the latest and most topical subjects.

These sessions are written and delivered by our clinical team at our clinic in Maidenhead.

We also host tailor-made seminars and workshops to schools and clubs and corporates.

Through our seminars and workshops we aim to demonstrate and explain the techniques required to improve your physical capability and achievements.   We also aim to help prevent the increasing number of injuries we see due to lack of knowledge or poor training practises. We are sorry to say but we see the results of many training specialists and coaches who do not properly understand the concept of biomechanics or good movement.  We want to put this right.

Whether in a rehabilitation programme, involved in sport, or looking to be generally fit and mobile, anyone can benefit.

The seminars and workshops are interactive and engaging (sometimes even fun) and, most important of all, educational.

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It’s never too late to learn

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On request we do visit sports clubs and corporate offices and deliver bespoke packages relevant to the target audience.