I was always in pain, until I found Aoife at the Drummond Clinic. The NHS left me at a dead end, and within weeks I was well on the way to a full recovery.
Paul, Maidenhead

Clinical Exercise Programming & Sessions

At the Drummond Clinic, you as the Client can expect a professional, holistic and tailor-made programme designed to suit your own very individual exercise needs. Like no two people are the same, so no programme design and implementation solution should be the same.

After a comprehensive assessment, taking into account numerous appraisal tools, a structured and comprehensive intervention strategy is designed to meet your needs. We are of the opinion that an assessment is really only as good as the intervention that follows. Thereafter, the client is taken through the training programme which could either be in the form of regular training sessions or alternatively guided through a take home training plan with regular trainer-client intervention along the way.

These particular sessions will be determined by a number of different factors depending on the level or age of the client, chosen activity/ sport, short/ medium and long term goals, results of the assessment and potential input from other related professionals (therapist, physician etc.). These sessions could be in the form of stability, mobility, injury prevention, final phase rehabilitation, power, strength and postural re-education.

But it shouldn’t just stop with the session, because your body never stops! Craig will also look at other factors pertaining to the effect of training on the body such as regeneration, recovery, nutrition and lifestyle.

So, irrespective of whatever challenge you take up from general wellness, to a 5km time trial to a multi-endurance event and everything in-between, we have the training Solution for you!