Excellent service great team that work with a professional, caring atmosphere. I felt welcomed and looked after. I could walk away straight after my first appointment.
Cheryl, Maidenhead

Personal Training

Our Personal Training sessions are dynamic and geared to get you fit, strong and toned.

Take the opportunity to exercise in a functional way, improving your fitness levels and aiding recovery from injury or niggling problems.

Personal Training with us gives you:

  • An initial health assessment to enable your trainer to develop your programme involving: a measure of your muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, percentage body fat, blood pressure and lung function.
  • An individual programme tailored to your needs and wants
  • A programme to follow between training sessions
  • Regular assessments to monitor your progress

To sign up for Personal Training with the Drummond Clinic or to find out more, please contact us.

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With a personally designed programme and a motivating trainer, Personal Training is an excellent way of keeping you on track and helping you with your fitness.

Enrol for these personalised sessions on your own or sign up for Buddy PT allowing you to work out with 1 or 2 of your friends at the same time.

  • Fees

    Personal Training

    Personal Training

    60 Minute PT Sessions
    1-1 Personal Training £75.00 (£65 if booking a block of 10 sessions)
    1-2 Personal Training £37.50
    1-3 Personal Training £30.00

    30 Minute PT Session
    1-1 Personal Training £45.00 (£40 if booking a block of 10 sessions)
    1-2 Personal Training £25.00
    1-3 Personal Training £20.00

    All personal training will be preceded with a Health & Fitness Appraisal – £55.00
    (Within this session your trainer will take you through a personal assessment and discuss your exercise goals

    The Health & Fitness Appraisal can be upgraded to include a Full Biomechanical and Movement Assessment – £125.00


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