A very thorough assessment done very professionally. It put my mind at rest – the hard work starts now.
Matt, Maidenhead

VO2 Testing

To get the most benefit out of this exercise test, we have packaged the VO2 test with a Lactate Threshold protocol. The benefits of this test allows for more specific and transferable results.

This test includes a verbal de-brief and will give you your threshold results and zones for training.

Benefits of testing:

  • A single test provides detailed baseline information that serves as a starting point for a training programme and shows the success of ongoing training.
  • Repeat tests allow assessment of the appropriateness and success of a training programme and offer a sense of direction for progressing toward goals.
  • Gives training zones within distinct bands for HR, power or speed. Provides values for fat metabolism, maximum and then sustainable fraction of maximum, therefore allowing comparison with norm values within a given sport.
  • The point at which V̇O2max occurs and the percentage of maximum at which a particular threshold occurs give crucial performance indicators and show the type of training emphasis that should be used to enhance performance.

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