I was always in pain, until I found Aoife at the Drummond Clinic. The NHS left me at a dead end, and within weeks I was well on the way to a full recovery.
Paul, Maidenhead

Run 3D

As the flagship clinic for Run 3D, we are excited to add 3D gait analysis to our range of services.

3D gait analysis is the most accurate assessment of running motion using a scientific approach to capture reliable and measureable information. Using infrared cameras to track positions of small reflective markers, we are able to precisely calculate joint angles to provide unparalleled insight into an individual’s running stride. The results are compared to a database of uninjured controls to quantify an individual’s injury risk, assess biomechanical efficiency and performance, recommend appropriate footwear and much more.

Here at the Drummond Clinic we offer two packages: Silver and Gold – for more information on both click on each tab!

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