I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead


Soft Tissue manipulation and Sports Massage therapy are a necessity. Without it, your risk of injury increases.

At the Drummond Clinic we use our remedial therapists to link in with the prevention, rehabilitation and performance programmes designed by our physical therapists. We all work together to support YOU.

A Soft Tissue Massage helps to combat occupational, emotional and postural stresses; relaxes tight muscles; relieves pain; and reduces stress. Different from relaxation, this massage is firmer to allow for deep soft tissue treatment and a more powerful remedial affect. By reducing tensions in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia this treatment will relieve the body of pain allowing you to get on with your day to day life more productively.

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If you are coming to the clinic for the first time or haven’t visited us for 6 months or more, please fill in this online patient confidential form please be aware that you will need to fill out paperwork 5 minutes prior to your session.

  • Fees

    Soft Tissue & Sports Massage Therapy

    Please not that in order to make an appointment for a massage, you will be asked to Pay 50% of the initial fee in advance

    If you are new to the clinic or this is your first massage at the clinic, your initial appointment will be for 60 minutes

    30 minute session – £40.00
    45 minute session – £52.00
    60 minute session – £65.00

    Sports Massage Membership

    Annual Gold (12 month contract) = 12 x 60 minute massage (one per month) = £60 per month

    Annual Silver (month-by-month) = monthly 1 x 60 minute massage = £65 per month

    Sports Package

    6 x 60 minute massage + 1 x 60 minute Foam Roller education session = £420 one off package price


    Our therapist will require a basic history to ensure that you receive the most effective service. We guarantee a minimum of 55 minutes of massage per 60 minute session, 40 minutes per 45 minute session and 25 minutes per 30 minute session.

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