Very professional and full of help and knowledge in trying to solve my on going ankle issue. All very friendly bunch of people I will certainly recommend.
Sue, Arborfield


Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Curry

It’s National Vegetarian Week! To celebrate, here’s a delicious Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Curry recipe ….(& please share any of your favourite recipes with us!)

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What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates. It’s an exercise sensation that has “blown up” in recent years but what is it and why should we be doing it?

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Battling the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” myth – the benefits of movement assessment!

Many think movement assessments are just for “sporty” people but we’re here to explain why everybody should consider having one if they’re struggling to move freely! Click through for more!

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Delicious Lemon and Yoghurt Chicken Flatbreads

With the barbecue days soon approaching why not take the opportunity to make this delicious light meal!

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Is Health a Choice? Do you keep it NEAT? Article by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s) M.Sc. MBA. PGCE. MIfL

Can we make the choice to be healthy in spite of previous “bad” habits? Check out this great article by Gill on healthy living and the principles of NEAT!

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