Alex has given me hope when I thought my Ironman race season wouldn’t happen due to chronic Achilles issues.
Declan, London


Foam Rolling And Stretching – What Are The Different Benefits?

Foam rolling and stretching can both have benefits in improving flexibility. Both have suggested physiological benefits but also potential changes in nervous system ‘protective’ tone. But which is better? Click through for more!

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Post Exercise Coconut and Banana Pancakes

Feeling like a post exercise brunch to satisfy your sweet tooth? Why not try these delicious coconut and banana pancakes – quick and easy!

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How does Sports Massage affect Running?

How exactly does massage affect your body during running and sport generally? Click through to read more!

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Drummond Team joining the myth busting fight against Back Pain

It’s no secret that back pain can be debilitating! You may be reading this thinking I have tried every remedy out there and nothing works for me. But what is fact and what is fiction in the world of back pain? Click through to read more!

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Heart-healthy Recipe – Easiest-ever Paella

With Valentine’s Day in our rear view mirror, we should still be thinking about our hearts ;)! Try making this delicious heart-healthy Paella this weekend!

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